Saturday Funnies - 05/08/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Old presidents turn into Hobbits
Why we need Photoshop
No kidding
Just like that
Mean but funny
Sure seems this way in Texas
I'd rather change the channel
And yet they're surprised by the jobs report
It's just printed money with no underlying value
I know, right?
That might be asking too much
If you were around during the first Iraq war, you'll understand this
Maybe they should consult Lebron too. He seems to know everything about everything.
What a let down
It's the Bee, so you KNOW they have their finger on the pulse
But that's different because shut up
nyuck nyuck nyuck
I aim to misbehave
When the narrative you were sold doesn't match the reality that was
Looks like the embassy in Libya to me
It's never REAL socialism to a socialist
It's all in the subtle changes to the wording
Apparently so
You will be made to comply
Pretty much
Hilariously true to real life
Well, if you ever read the Koran you'll know why
Joe Biden morphed into Jimmy Carter so fast I hardly knew what happened
This made me laugh
Coming face to face with ground truth
Gave me a chuckle
They've been around forever
And they're world class at it
No. Kidding.
This made me laugh out loud
So funny
The last round of golf you'll ever play
There's a little boy in my house who would agree
Gave me a chuckle
I guess they go together
Thesaurus westerns
Pretty good, but not enough hand tools
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