Saturday Funnies - 04/17/2021

Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

War is peace.
The universal explanation for everything
Well, a lot of them are old now.
Pretty much
It does sort of seem this way
Evergreen lyrics
Liberal pillows?
Not out of the question
So. True.
If only it was that innocent
Yes. Yes she did
The idea of "clean" electric cars is an illusion
Not entirely satire
Kind of true
Analysis: true
Ammo is scarce and expensive
Yet another example of why Photoshop is so important to America
Well, getting the government out of the regulation business would be a start.
As long as it can be made into a pie, I don't care what you call it.
When confiscatory narratives converge
He chose...poorly
How to tell you've been watching too much TV
True story: I knew a vegan once who explained his decision to start eating meat this way: "I was hungry"
It's always this way with Marxists. They get rich and the people get bupkis
No. Kidding.
This gave me a chuckle
I'm doubting that latter part
Well bring it on then
And hurry
Ok - this really made me laugh for some reason
This would probably be true if you could actually see the waiters face.
Children can ask awkward questions
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