Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

But is Joe Biden REALLY the president?
Those foil blankets make them look that way. Kind of lumpy potatoes though. 
You're being played
This made me chuckle
Kind of true
If by "the World" you mean China and Russia, then yes.
What it's come down to.
Funny not funny
I'm so glad she cleared THAT up.
Analysis: true
It was ever thus
Because they're the controlling kind of people.
Soooo true.
Pretty much
Ok this made me laugh really hard
In their imaginations
Well, that's technically true
Michael Mann's fake hockey stick has done a lot of damage
Economically, working is becoming more of a sucker's game. At some threshold of government benefits, workers become nothing more than pack mules for non-workers. That state of affairs is unlikely to end well.
What they apparently teach in journalism school.
I have several Facebook friends who should be attending this support group.
Tar. Feathers.
She is a product of public education no doubt.
24X7 Spin
It all depends on who's in office.
Mean but true AND funny
Just amazing
It's a doozy
Maybe you've heard the joke that says in heaven everyone gets a harp but in hell they give you an accordion.
Possibly correct
"Star Wars" version of internet chat rooms.
No kidding. That, and bicycle baskets full of newspapers.
Pretty much
One of multiple similar reasons
Totally true
No. No they didn't.
Probably inevitable
Do not trust the internet of things
nyuck nyuck nyuck
True. But they WANT you to be responsible even for how they feel.

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