Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. They were up yesterday but I was offline all day.

Same song. Different verse.
People are delusional
And pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
They should go with "everthing's not an emergency management administration" or, "ENEMA".
Alas for all of us
Bernie has been in the way for a while now
I'm sure that's what it was. There were "extremists" around there somewhere.
Yeah. Sniff THAT!
It looks kind of like a fat duck
Be like Billy
Would not surprise me.
Well, Girl Scout cookies ARE yummy, so...
Awkward lyrics when you're the governor of New York
Well, I definitely stand with Speedy. I've never been all that keen on the French.
This made me chuckle
Said every Texan everywhere
We should all stop believing the "experts" about a lot of things
It helps minorities by making educators feel more virtuous and superior
They've been doing this my entire life.
Nothing can improve upon being made in God's image.
Lot's of people are being played
And where, may I ask, do Panda's come from?
I'm rubber and you're glue...
Haha! I guess there's such a thing as "too much help".
Some things turn out precisely as they should have.
Next up: eating meat at steak houses.
As well they should
In finance circles, this is kind of a "leveraged buyout" in a way.
No mention of BLM riots or "defund the police"
The media is just propaganda in the moment. There is almost no correlation with reality.
Protesting is all about self expression
When reality can't keep up with art.
I confess this made me laugh really hard
Commas can make the difference between life and death
I've posted this before but it's still funny
Correct. Although the red oil you used on the cars would stain your clothes.
Now we know
This made me laugh
Let's not
As long as you don't shoot the floorboard, this is kind of cool.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Well, they have to try SOMETHING

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