Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. Harry and Meghan are in for it.

It certainly SEEMS like that.
They're so mistreated
This made me laugh
Commentary by Photoshop
More commentary by Photoshop
To be honest, this would be completely understandable
Never attract the attention of Michael Ramirez
This meme is perhaps the best of the bunch.
Harsh but true. That's what Biden says.
Because they really truly want to be left alone
The message of Pepe Le Pew was never that his behavior was ok, but that the French are boorish jerks. Every child understood that was the message. It's just the morally dense modern adults who are clueless.
Just so we're clear
It's never - ever - about principle. It's all political calculation 24X7.
It does kind of seem like this
Made me chuckle
There's a corollary in literature for everything
Mic drop
Yes. Yes there are.
I feel sure there's ALWAYS a tax we can pay
Ok this made me laugh
Analysis: true
This is "bad think", right?
The entire discussion is stupid
nyuck nyuck nyuck
The boogey man is everywhere
Well then they need to get a life
I only know that I personally feel discriminated against
I'm pretty sure NONE of the prior rules apply to the current administration
Well, it is MANchester.
You gotta be pretty desperate what with all the snot and slobber coming out one end and a whole lot worse coming out the other.
Well, it's steak so that's kind of understandable
nyuck nyuck nyuck
This is pretty spectacular if I do say so
You have to admit her name does kind of fit the genre
Come back after the next election
This one made me laugh a lot
Alien vacations
Probably true
Barista pranks
Pretty much
Medical prank callers
I'm at expert at finding water with the one on the lower right
Steven Hayward says "This is either a serious dilemma or the greatest day ever."
When puppies tell dad jokes
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