Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. The culture has gone insane.

They intend to have gulags if they can
This one made me chuckle
Everywhere you turn
Yes. Yes they do.
The whole thing seems like picking an gratuitous fight
There's probably going to be a surge of this kind of "poetry"
More awkwardness
Everything rises to its level
Because everyone is stupid
The mass insanity movements of the past are more understandable to me now
Transgendered coffee is...uninteresting
"Science" and "racist" are terms no longer have any meaning whatsoever
Funny not funny
And they make really good stew
I would have gone with 'privileged', but whatever
Everyone needs to Google "Godwin's law"
Everyone is Hitler
Our entire cultural trajectory summed up in two ads
Analysis: true
Where things are headed
It's a tough choice for Cuomo
Completely true
Made me laugh
Life is full of little disappointments
nyuck nyuck nyuck
So passe'
People are smuggling bologna?
Surprising exactly no one
"Experts" - LOL
When the truth is accidentally revealed
That was then. This is now.
I. Love. This.
When the reporting is unclear
Photoshop goodness
Not too far off
I'm pretty sure there's never been a run on the vegan section
Made me laugh
They're going to kill literature, aren't they?
cluck cluck cluck
Real life
Or shells peas

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