Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Made me chuckle
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Not out of the question
Analysis: true
They certainly will
They just needed to wait until Trump was out of office
Well, if you're a pipe fitter working on the Keystone pipeline who voted for Biden, you're getting what you deserve I guess.
I don't think he even knows what he's saying some of the time.
He's off to a good start though
The connection between the question and the answer escapes me
No. No they won't.
More like "communist curmudgeon day", but whatever.
Invest in the opposite of whatever Al Gore says.
Apparently so.
And boy aren't the drive through testing centers about to get awkward.
Well, to be honest, nothing really worked this week.
It's the universal answer to everything
At 3:00 in the morning when there's no power and it's 1 degree outside, you know where they can put their global warming hysteria
VERY disappointing
As night follows day
There have been a lot of disappointments lately
Ok this really made me laugh
May he rest in peace
We can't have people running around speaking freely to one another
Compare and contrast
There is? I guess I've been doing my part for racial reconciliation then by studiously avoiding organic food
Sooo funny
Good grief
Oh goody
Good to know
Don't disturb them
Good riddance
I wonder if the students even noticed?
Analysis: true
Foreseeable by everyone in this solar system EXCEPT the people on the city council
And also for making homemade ice cream.
And who was the first person to decide that squirting gastric juices into milk would make a yummy snack? Lots of first time things need some explaining.
I think I can do that
Made me chuckle
I don't think I've ever only eaten one strip of bacon, so I can't really comment
Pretty much the best use case for renewables
Well ok then
You're pretty heedless of danger if you're eating tuna salad made by nobody knows who
It has all the basic food groups

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