Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.

Yes, yes it is.
If anyone still read Time magazine, it might have made an impact.
Magical thinking is all the rage
Well, maybe not THAT fast.
That does seem to be the plan.

If history is any indicator, terrorism and international mischief will go up proportionally with the price of oil.

Another reason we need Photoshop.
Pretty much
It was more villainous than this.
It didn't make the country mad because most people don't watch the NFL any more.
She the heroine in her own fantasy social media show.
So funny
Possible I guess
It's what they do
It would not surprise me if this happened
Just so we're clear
A nice summation of what's going on.
So true
It's all in the spin
Asking the super hard and awkward questions
She's one of those "english lit majors" who doesn't really know anything about english lit.
More Photoshop excellence.
Like THAT'S gonna happen
I have a 5 year old grandson who would agree with this boy
But people who speak German sound like they already have Covid
Concealed carry is going to be a problem
pretty much
It sure seems like this could have happened
Analysis: true
Frightfully true at my house - I do look a smidgen like Herman
Pretty close to the truth
That way you can also grab a snack on your way out of the fire
I guess he'll just have to earn it
Back then you could play music even when the phones weren't working
Literally true
By jove he's right!
Jokes for statisticians
This guy obviously doesn't use Waze
Uh oh

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