Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. The hedge fund managers take it on the chin.

No one cares about hedge fund managers I'm afraid.
So true.
Would not surprise me if this is how it works
I'm sure many people are relieved that the boot on their face is worn by the popular crowd
Anything to help his friends
Party time
Give him time
Pretty much
Correct. Selective science is the thing.
If they don't, they're going to.
Is it ok to laugh at this? Because I laughed at this.
I think everyone but Ginger is dead now.
Recall signatures are worse than Covid cases.
Analysis: true
"Heat" offers more opportunities for graft. That's why they say it's so significant
It's not going to end well
Redfining "free"
No kidding
Things are about to get weird at the drive-through testing centers
This made me laugh
So funny
Mean but funny
Pretty much
I guess in addition to being a cheater, you have to also have a good quarterback
Bernie is the "tribble" of the 21st century
Made me chuckle
Seems kind of true
After a year of lockdown this is correct
Hard to argue with
No kidding
Who knew that front legs were even an option?
Auto-correct is like an annoying slow-poke driver veering between lanes and cutting people off

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