Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.  It's a Bernie-palooza.

Poor old Bernie
Well, he isn't loved by his party.
I like this one
Everyone is having more fun than Bernie
This one made me laugh
This one is exceptionally good
Made me chuckle
It's unlikely to go well for Joe
If you're below a certain age, just google 'nancy kerrigan knee' for an explanation
I'm gonna go with "generally over to the left"
Because social workers are for the rubes
This made me laugh
It would appear so
Well, that's one way I guess
When you reduce the presiden't comments on unity down to their essence.
Funny not funny
What you get for a $200k liberal arts degree in 2021
But that was different because reasons.
Here's the note Trump left his successor
It's a mystery
"The $15 minimum wage in action" - Steven Hayward
"Cool" is, I guess, one way to describe it
This is entirely believable
2021 in a single headline
What a difference an inauguration makes
If they didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all
Well, it's Florida man
I wish he'd tell us what he really thinks
No doubt that's the plan
Yes. Yes it is.
Going old school good buddy
You know, that's exactly what I was thinking
I. Love. This.
Seems about right.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
Yes but where is his white belt?
That day is coming I suspect
This made me laugh.
So true
Unfortunate birth marks
Newlyweds, no doubt
Analysis: true
This is totally true
Any resemblance to Hunter Biden is, I'm sure, entirely coincidental
Well that was really fast
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