Steven Hayward has some new pictures up. They're funny.

Well, I'm starting to 
This made me chuckle
No kidding
Well, I'd put my money on buffalo man
No one is going to claim buffalo man
Right after she finished her gourmet ice cream
Competence is never the government's strong suit
A helpful reminder of how we got here
How we're being told to thing about these things
Well, he said he would get them to pay for the wall
It's 2021
Just imagine
This made me laugh too
America's newspaper of record
Choices, choices
You know, that actually might work
Chik-Fil-A would have had us all vaccinated by Moday Afternoon
Analysis: true
Might as well run with it. 
Dealing with the important stuff
Ok, for some reason this really made me laugh
Well, he never hits anything, kind of like a Star Wars storm trooper
People should actually do this to rub the EU's collective noses in it
Before it goes down the memory hole
Well of course. You just knew Florida Man had something to do with it.
And just wait til they show up at Chik-Fil-A
Something very weird is going on.
I say we just skip 2021 altogether
Pretty much
You don't even have to play the games
nyuck nyuck nyuck
So funny
Not out of the question
Take heed
For my geek friends
I know right?
Weirdly humorous
Sooo true
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