Red Pilling

Even erstwhile Christian organizations are now paying to be entertained by aspiring tyrants.

Andrew Sullivan has been throwing back red pills apparently. His political and cultural blinders have come off where the whole CRT wokeness zeitgeist is concerned.

Sullivan pulls no punches where Ibram X. Kendi is concerned, nor should he. Kendi is an agent of injustice and totalitarian dreams.  

Kendi, feted across the establishment, favors amending the Constitution to appoint an unelected and unaccountable committee of “experts” that has the power to coerce and punish any individual or group anywhere in the country deemed practicing racism. Intent does not matter. And the decisions are final. An advocate for unaccountable, totalitarian control of our society is the darling of every single elite institution in America, and is routinely given platforms where no tough questioning of him is allowed. He is as dumb as Obama is smart; as crude as Obama is nuanced; as authoritarian as Obama is liberal.

It's not just "the establishment". Even erstwhile "Christian" organizations and schools have been paying Kendi to come and deliver to them a frisson of totalitarian aspirations.

Read the whole thing.

What Happened To You?
The radicalization of the American elite against liberalism
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