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I used to be a fan of David French. But something about Trump's election broke him. I don't really care whether he was a Trump fan or not. I'm fully on board with the biblical caution against putting our trust in princes. And my own perspective is that Trump was a very mixed bag. But then, there hasn't been a U.S. president in my lifetime who wasn't a very mixed bag.

For French, however, Trump seemed to be the devil incarnate. So much so that French often set aside the facts whenever they got in the way of his Trumpish obsessions. French's animus toward Trump led him to traffic in demonstrably false leftist narratives. Even when the narratives were repeatedly shown to be lies, French never really reconsidered or apologized. He was regularly played by the left and never really stopped being a mouthpiece for utter nonsense.  

Now French is arguing that banning the teaching of CRT is somehow a threat to the first amendment.  Chris Rufo takes him to task in this very good article and highlights the problems with French's argument, to say nothing of the hypocrisy involved.

From the article:

I asked David French, one of the coauthors of the Times article, a simple question to test the implications of his theory: if a public school adopted a Klan-sponsored curriculum that promoted white supremacy, would he support or oppose state legislation to ban it? He ducked the question...

Very much worth reading.

The Enablers | City Journal
Defending phantom freedoms, certain intellectuals usher in the concrete tyrannies of critical race theory.
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