When a culture (like ours) embraces absolute personal, moral autonomy, it inevitably devolves in a "cult of the self".  If everyone is free from almost any moral constraints, with the only limiting principle being whether or not it's possible to make a straight-faced argument that one's pursuit of pleasure is "victimless", we have very much become our own deity.  

Everyone becomes their own cult leader and social media becomes their cult's public relations arm.

Nothing illustrates this more than the current manic devotion to "lived experience". No one is allowed to question whether, perhaps, someone has drawn false conclusions or misinterpreted their "lived experience".  No one is allowed to suggest that perhaps someone's elevated self-regard is causing them to misinterpret the intentions of others.

When you are enmeshed in the "cult of the self", your "lived experience" becomes the voice of God. Questioning someone's interpretation of his or her "lived experience" is, to moderns, what "blaspheming" was to our forebears.

It is just not done.

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