The Parler board has fired the CEO. That doesn't surprise me very much. He ruined the business by not having a viable disaster recovery plan.

That Matze is still going on TV is, at this point, probably unintentionally revealing.

Parler CEO John Matze says he’s been terminated by board: ‘I did not participate in this decision’
Parler has terminated CEO John Matze, according to a memo Matze sent to staffers that has been obtained by Fox News.

I expressed my own thoughts about the Parler debacle here:

Conservative (In)Competence
> Can’t anybody here play this game? - Jimmy BreslinConservatives have been treated to serial disappointments of late, and while theleft deserves to shoulder a lot of the blame, some of our recent wounds wereself-inflicted. First, I sympathize with Parler to a certain extent because what Amazon …
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