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What has the U.S. been up to?

Glenn Greenwald has an interesting post on his Substack.

There is something odd going on and we have yet to flush it entirely out into the open. But it seems increasingly likely that the U.S. was up to some kind of bio-skullduggery in Ukraine.

In a normal lifetime, I wouldn't give such thoughts the time of day. But one of the things we've seen with Covid is the likely complicity of the U.S. scientific apparatus with the Chinese in creating Covid-19. We've also seen no end to the obfuscation regarding what they know about Covid origins.

I'm not inclined toward the view that the release of Covid-19 was some big multi-national conspiracy. I'm more inclined to suspect that there was longstanding overseas collaboration in activities that are precluded by law from happening within U.S. borders. I suspect that U.S. bureaucrats have been circumventing legal prohibitions by doing illicit things overseas. I suspect the release of Covid-19 was a big accident, but one on which lots of interested parties were happy to subsequently capitalize.

And that brings me to Ukraine. Never in my wildest imagination did I presume that there might be U.S. sponsored bio-warfare research going on in Ukraine. I/we still don't know whether that is true.  And all of this could easily be an effort by the Chinese to divert attention from their own complicity in saddling the world with Covid-19.  But the corruption of the American political class is so thorough and complete that it is exceedingly foolish to take anything they say at face value.  I think it's entirely possible that they have been up to no good in Ukraine.  The "limited modified hangout" by Ms. Nuland, as described in Greenwald's post, amounts to rather more than a mere smoking gun.

None of this justifies the bombing of civilians or the behavior of the Russian military in Ukraine.  But it will be a very interesting turn of events if the illicit actions of the U.S. government end up undermining the moral case against Putin's invasion.

Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them
The neocon’s confession sheds critical light on the U.S. role in Ukraine, and raises vital questions about these labs that deserve answers.
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