I've been working on a little browser plug-in that will make the next four years much more fun for everyone. The plug-in subtly enriches web pages about certain subjects by injecting helpful additional data points that add clarity regarding important facets of a story that aren't being covered by the author.

Here is an example of how my plug-in improves on a current Washington Post story.  See if you can identify the improvement:

I figure, why just accept the media's spin? If all we're going to get is spin, my spin is as good as anyone else's I guess. So I decided to make them all publish articles with my spin added to their own. In fact, I'm already starting to look forward to the upcoming Biden administration.

You can think of this as something like the Babylon Bee, but without actually having to leave the news article you're already reading.

At some point, when it's debugged and feature complete, I'll make it available for free download so that you too can have such pleasingly enriched news reports. You'll have to be using either Chrome or Brave though.  

Stay tuned.

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