My son, who knows I love richly melodic music, and this song in particular, sent me this link and a note (with some slight edits I made).

Songs like this and many stories too (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Jayber Crow, etc.) so full of longing and beauty and a soul-deep aching for home, sing and tell stories rooted specifically in a love of place and a personal identification with its people and even its landscape. I think we've lost that in today's moving, grooving, hyper-connected world. In the lives of some of your most ardent detractors, we find the opposite. Theirs have been lives of detachment from place, living a false transcendence of sorts. Somehow, living your lives away from or simply looking over the people and place before you, empties you of something necessary for growth in wisdom, respect for elders, and humility. The heroism, courage, and simple goodness of Bilbo in the The Hobbit, Samwise in LOTR, and many other characters in the best stories stand as foils for the kind of character on display in many people today.
Oh Shenendoah
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