Judging Books and Judging People

Critical Race Theory is a rejection of the wisdom, received down through the ages, that it is a very bad idea to judge a book by its cover. For generations people have known and understood that evaluating events and people on the basis of mere appearances is unwise and often ends in disaster.

But now we are told by the popular kids that a person's "cover" is the most important thing about him or her. In fact, the tint of a person's skin, we're told, is the lens through which every person should understand the world and be understood by others.

This kind of thinking is foolishness on stilts. To say nothing of amounting to an explicit rejection of the entire moral basis of the fight for civil rights in this country.

The business of judging by appearances, something Christians have actually been commanded by Jesus not to do (c.f. John 7:24), has a long pedigree of causing misery and injustice reaching all the way back to the garden of Eden, where Eve's reasoning behind eating the forbidden fruit was in large part based on its appearance. (c.f. Genesis 3:6) Misery has flowed like a mighty river ever since.

Nothing good ever comes from focusing primarily on externals. No community of people in all of history ever came together by focusing more on their respective differences - external or otherwise.

If you're in a church where the pastors and leaders are telling you that being a good Christian means obsessing more over the anatomical differences between races of people, then your pastors and leaders are being knuckleheads.

The color of our skin can never improve upon the fact that we have all been made in the image of God.

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