BREAKING: Facebook Removes Antifa Group That Incited Rioting Across the Country
Facebook announced it would crack down on antifa groups that celebrate violent riots, and it already removed one group that incited riots.

This is helpful to a certain extent I guess. Especially if you think Facebook should put itself in the position of being the arbiter of acceptable speech. But what happens when the left decides to redefine the meaning of "incitement", and "rioting" to include anything someone on the left dislikes?

It's very doubtful to me that any of these social media platforms possess the moral discernment to be trusted as the speech police. In a way, this gets at the legitimacy of social media as a thing. I sometimes wonder if social media is a real-life version of the palantir from the Lord of the Rings.

The palantir was an spherical object that could be peered into to get information about what was happening in other places - past or present. The problem was that, with one exception, it would deceive and possess whoever used it. The only person capable of using it without being overcome by it was the king himself.

I wonder, sometimes, if social media reveals to us more than we can handle about other people and the world. We have, perhaps, opened a can of worms that will never be fixed merely by being more selective about the worms. The only way out may be to place the lid back on the can.

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