Interesting Podcast

Very much worth listening to this abortion survivor.

Almost a year ago I started producing a series of videos addressing subjects at the intersection of faith and culture. These videos reflect lessons learned from the techniques employed by PragerU, while dealing with subjects that are more explicitly Christian.

The Faith & Culture media production (thank heavens) has been almost completely taken over by talented people on the church staff. I continue to be involved in writing scripts for videos, and we now have a podcast we're doing twice a month which drills down deeper on some of the subjects covered in our quick-take videos.

I normally don't promote these podcasts because it just feels a little sleezy to promote  something I personally participate in. (I know I know, I'll never be a successful media mogul.) But last week's podcast is particularly important.

Anticipating Sanctity of Life Sunday, we hosted special guest Josiah Presley.  Josiah is an abortion survivor and public speaker on questions dealing with the sanctity of life. I thought his remarks were particularly sharp, and especially so if you listen all the way to the end.  

Listen to the whole thing.

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