Interesting Data on Masks

1/25/2021 Masking the Science
We have purposely avoided directly confronting the issue of masks because it is such an emotional and political issue. Like waving a red flag in front of a bull, the topic elicits strong emotions which overwhelms reason. We wear a mask in the hospital and don a N95 mask, gown and gloves when we see…

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After posting the link to this article, it has now been taken down. But the internet, as they say, is forever.  I have two copies of this article if you're still interested in reading it.

I snagged a copy from the Wayback Machine.  That copy is here.

I also generated a separate PDF with the original images (which were degraded in the Wayback Machine archive) and that copy is here.

Update 2:

Now the original link appears to be back. Go figure.

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