Because of my exotic health history and the fact that I'm kind-of sort-of a cyborg, I ended up with a 1b rating and hence eligible to get the Covid vaccine.

I read up on it and got an appointment at a local convention center where UT Southwestern was administering shots to huge numbers of people. The whole operation was stunningly efficient. Perhaps more on that some other time.

Anyway, I got the Pfizer vaccine and then had to sit in a common area being monitored by nurses for 15 minutes. There was a small cab stand of ambulances outside in case anyone had a reaction.

You would think that, with all of the media build-up, there would have been more excitement and drama. But it was a complete non-event.

I stood in line for about 10 minutes, mostly with elderly and disabled people, many of them in wheelchairs or using walkers. Not everyone, but it was noticeable enough that I got to wondering if my presence there was some kind of mistake. In the end,  I was out of there quick as you can say "Bob's your uncle".

The shot itself is actually less painful than most flu shots - the vaccine itself doesn't sting. My arm was a little sore the next day but the soreness was gone by the end of that day. I've had more soreness with the normal flu vaccine, depending on the year.

Other than that, the whole thing has been a complete yawner.  

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