Gas Power to the Rescue

Allowed to live another year. By the grace of the US Department of Energy

The only reason we didn't have blackouts during the recent Texas cold snap is because we relied on gas powered electricity generation.  Just like the last big cold snap, wind power generation utterly collapsed when it was most needed.

You can read more about this as Watts Up With That.  But here's the appalling money quote:

The emergency order from the US Energy Department allowed the state’s grid operator to exceed certain air pollution limits to boost generation amid record power demand in the state.

Notice the use of the word "allowed".  The US Energy Department "allowed" Texas not to freeze in the dark by "allowing" certain air pollution limits, imposed by the federal government, to be exceeded.  

In fact, that means they allowed some people to survive with their lives this winter.

How quaint. How utterly condescending of them.  They'll allow it. This time.

No one needs the government's permission to refrain from freezing to death.  We do not refrain from freezing to death in the dark merely because the government allows it.


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