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Steven Hayward has some new charts and graphs up for data geeks.  The one above interested me because I noticed, the last time I was in New York several years ago, that when eating out there were almost no families with children in the restaurants. Business people galore but almost no families.  It might have been just an artifact of the part of town where I was staying and eating. But it was prevalent enough that I noticed it at the time.

From the crowd that thinks humanity is a virus
Interesting. Hayward also raises the possibility that it could all boil down to tax rates.
In case you still thought journalists were experts in anything. This is what the New York Times told us getting to a vaccine was going to take.
I didn't know anyone still watched the Oscars but here are the numbers.
This is the awkward and mostly unspoken backstory that explains a lot of the supposed "inequities" in law enforcement that are protested against.
In case you didn't think there was an intentional shift into promoting race consciousness 
This is not really surprising
Inconvenient for the narrative
Putting a nuclear bomb to the narrative
This terrifies the left I suspect
Whoever could have predicted this? (SMH)
Pretending like there's nothing to see at the border
Just in case you thought the plan to raise the capital gains tax had anything at all to do with collecting more taxes.
At most only 25% used their stimulus checks to pay for living expenses. Probably less than that since at least some of those who "spent" their check bought toys and luxury items.
Well wow.
Not that anyone talks about this much
It's brutal to juxtapose politician and bureaucrat quotes with the actual data
Interesting to peruse
Haha - may be true
Interesting though there's no source for the data.
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