Steven Hayward has some new pictures up.  They're really good this week.

And so it began 
Except that the coyote never dies
Correct. They can only move to Texas if they don't intend to vote.
Depressingly correct
I say, "why not?"
There's a long list of things that they plan to outlaw.
Well, they're in office, so...
Funny in a depressing sort of way
I not long think it has anything to do with ignorance. They mean to destroy.
Funny, but it's how a lot of them think. Truly.
Emphasis on "former"
Missing from the headline: BLM
I'll go out on a limb and predict a lot of red cards
Only because Gallup failed to use Dominion voting machines
When the word problem you're stuck on has very limited appeal
Whatever fits the momentary narrative
There's an endless supply of Theranos jokes
Sounds like he'd better hurry
This. Is. Hilarious.
nyuck nyuck nyuck
So funny
Analysis: true
Two Halloween masks in one. You're welcome.
When you're just plain tired of shoveling
Living large on a vegan diet
Asking the important questions
Excellent work
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