Coding, Coding, Coding...

I've been on a coding binge.

I have been off of posting for at least a couple of weeks and posting lightly even before that because I've kind of been on a coding binge.

I had this idea about a new kind of profiler for software that splits computations between CPUs and GPUs, and I've been obsessively implementing it for almost a month now. Every spare minute. Nights, weekends, and the wee hours of the morning. Several thousand lines of code in 30 days.

And as of a week ago my new profiler started showing signs of life  - and now it's actually functional. It has been a huge learning experience because there is much about GPUs that I have not understood and much that even now I don't understand. But that's part of the point of writing the software I've been working on. I think I'll be able to reduce performance analysis that used to take hours into minutes or even seconds. So there's that.

I'm at a point where I can start making incremental improvements rather than bringing it up from scratch, which has totally occupied me over the last month. So I'll have more time for posting (and I'll be getting more sleep).

I can't show it to anyone yet because I did it for my employer and it's still a secret and only (so far) for internal use. But I think it's really going to make a difference in shrinking the "time-to-insight" when investigating performance anomalies in these kinds of applications.

All of this, I'm sure, only confirms your deeply held suspicion that I have odd preoccupations. But, I assure you, this is the kind of thing that can get into a person's blood.

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