Christianity and Race

Finding identity in skin color is all the rage right now. Don't drink the Koolaid.

The line being pushed on race, by the cultural elite, is now firmly planted in the territory of the seven abominations described in the book of Proverbs in the Bible.   When you speak ill of entire groups of people simply on the basis of their race, you are acting as a false witness against individual human beings. When you whisper into the ears of people of one ethnic group that their neighbors from another ethic group are against them, while knowing nothing of the actual individuals you are speaking about, you are stirring up discord between brothers. You have become an active participant in two of the seven things the writer of Proverbs says God "detests".

When you say that people in the present are complicit in the sins of long-dead strangers, merely because they share a similar appearance, you are in league with evil and up to no good.

A surprising (to me) number of erstwhile Christian churches and organizations have jumped on the racialist bandwagon.  There are Christian adoption agencies that have badly lost their way on racial issues, and that would now rather see children go without parents than see them parented by people of a different race. There are hip, trendy churches led by celebrity pastors who have embraced critical race theory as an explanatory lens and are now contorting themselves in an effort to shoehorn the plain meaning of the biblical text into the pseudo-science of sociology.  There are Christian mission organizations standing athwart the very idea of racial color blindness as an aspirational virtue. They have decided that it is unloving to encourage someone who primarily identifies themselves in racial terms to consider a different approach to their identity. The apostle Paul's description of love as being something that "rejoices in the truth" is thereby transformed into "love means just accepting whatever someone says about themselves". And so any attempt to bring someone to an actual knowledge of the truth has become..unloving.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

The video below is the latest in a series of productions being done in conjunction with my church. It takes a quick look at a few of the things in the Bible that can, and should, inform our perspective on race.

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