Celebrity Pastors Curiously Silent

Over the last few years, a gaggle of celebrity evangelical pastors has made it a point, at the slightest social upheaval, to rush to the cameras and engage in a public liturgy of self-loathing for the benefit of all. Johnny-on-the-spot. Tout suite.

They wanted to be sure everyone knew, usually accompanied by tears, that they were personally committed to justice. Justice über alles!

Over the last two weeks, America has broken faith with its allies, broken promises to Afghans who risked their lives to help us, and delivered into the hands of our enemies what everyone concedes is at least hundreds of Americans.

And what have we heard from our celebrity pastors about the appalling injustice of these events?


Try googling celebrity celebrity pastor names alongside "Afghanistan" and you're likely to find precisely zero results related to the events and betrayal of the last few weeks.

So the next time they wag their fingers and go all Old-Testament-prophet on the question of justice, and the sins of America, be sure to remember.  Remember their utter silence when American families were being betrayed and abandoned into the hands of barbarians.

Remember their  conspicuous absence from the cameras, when there was no social cachet to be had.

(H/T/ Glenn Reynolds for the Brett Kunkle tweet at the top.)

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