Are you of the body?

Wokeness reminds me of an old Star Trek episode

Are you of the body?

That was the famous question asked on planet Beta III in the 21st episode of the first season of the original Star Trek series. The episode was entitled, The Return of the Archons. The wokeness phenomenon of 21st century America has eerie similarities to that old show.

The landing party from the Enterprise found themselves in the midst of a strangely hive-minded community of people who, on the one hand, presented a picture of hypnotic like-mindedness and cordiality.  On the other hand, they periodically lapsed, as a group, into a rapacious and maniacally destructive rampage. Anyone who was unrecognized by the group would be asked, “Are you of the body?”, to confirm whether or not that person was certifiably part of the hive-minded collective.  If you gave an improper answer, or in some other way gave yourself away, the “law givers” would be summoned and you would be taken to the “absorption chamber” where you would be, well, “absorbed”.

There's something exceedingly strange, and more than a little creepy, about the lockstep obsessions of the woke. This old episode of Star Trek keeps coming to my mind when I observe the almost hypnotic obsessions of the left.

You’ll have to watch the whole episode if you want the full effect. There’s one scene in particular that, for all the world, makes me think of Twitter and wokeness generally.  I took the liberty of making my own [ahem] “enhanced” version of that scene, which I include below for your viewing pleasure.

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