Any Random Person

He may be an inveterate grifter. He may even have dementia. But he is definitely as dumb as a bag of hair.

William F. Buckley was famous for saying, among other things, that he would rather be governed by the first 2000 names in the Boston phone book than by the faculty of Harvard.  This was an understandable thing to say given the intransigent ideologues who tend to inhabit Ivy League faculties. A random collection of Americans are likely to be far more congenial.

I was sitting at my desk this morning pondering the weekend events, which amounted to a continuous stream of Biden faux pas culminating in an ad lib announcement of his view that Putin had to go.  This set off a flurry of nervous disavowals from all across Europe, the U.S. State Department, and eventually from the White House itself.  It should be obvious by now, to anyone who is paying even a modicum of attention, that the President of the United States is a buffoon.  He may be an inveterate grifter.  He may even have dementia.  But he is definitely as dumb as a bag of hair.

It’s a weird world we live in, where any random person plucked off the street of any town in America, would almost certainly be more intelligent and more competent to perform the actual presidential duties than the man who was voted for by millions of those same Americans.  I offer no opinion about whether he actually won the election. I just marvel at how stupid he is, and the irrelevance of his manifest stupidity to the voting behavior of millions of his constituents.

Now, what I myself may think of President Doofus is completely inconsequential.  But there are people and entities with more sinister agendas who know a complete knucklehead when they see one. And they are unlikely to let such a nitwit president go to waste. Events in Ukraine are probably only the first of several disasters we should expect to have visited upon the world due to our buffoonish leadership. The kid running the espresso machine at Starbucks would give the bad guys more pause than the blockhead who currently occupies the White House.

I’m ready, now, for the times we live in to be far less interesting.

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