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They leave God out of the equation, or the Facts, which is the alias He frequently lives under.

A fascinating take on the growing conflict between those who work in the physical world and those who work in the virtual world.

This seems like a very important contribution to understanding what has been revealed by Covid, especially where the character of the elites is concerned.

Elite self-importance has been shown to be completely unwarranted. Covid has pulled back the curtain to reveal that, far from being "expert", the elites are often merely incompetent, pampered buffoons.

When the truckers rolled their big rigs, which weigh about 35,000 pounds, up to the political elite’s doorstep, engaged their parking breaks (or removed their wheels entirely), and refused to leave until their concerns were addressed, this was like dropping a very solid boulder of reality in the Virtuals’ front lawn and daring them to remove it without assistance. And because the Virtuals do not yet actually have the Jedi powers to move things with their minds, the truckers effectively called their bluff on who ultimately has control over the world.

Read the whole thing.

Reality Honks Back
About those truckers…

Richard Fernandez tweets:

The establishment's counterinsurgency doctrine is based on the assumption the opposition is a mirror image of themselves. In other words, a conspiracy with ringleaders, rabid ideology and secret funders, like themselves. There are no "root causes" -- how could there be? But this is only partially true of Revolts From Nowhere. Even as the chekists count the heads of the supposed ringleaders the rebellion mysteriously continues. That is because they leave God out of the equation, or the Facts, which is the alias He frequently lives under.

I'm ready to live in uninteresting times now.

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