Clever Business Owners Ward Off Looters With Kyle Rittenhouse Scarecrows
Car Seats as Contraception
Ever ratcheting car seat laws raise the price of having children to the point of making more than 2 children infeasible for many young families.
Hilariously Mean
Books vs. E-Readers
If you want to destroy a child’s love for learning, get rid of books. Serve him Plato from a PDF and E. B. White from an e-reader. Banish from his formative years any experience of objects that incarnate immaterial thought.
Well my goodness
I personally have no idea who legitimately won the last election or what happened on January 6th. But officialdom certainly acts like it has something to hide.
Really Interesting
Tristan Harris says social media is a national security threat.
Epic Troll
Troll level: Intergalactic Overlord. Epic Clown-Slap: DeSantis Signs Anti-Vaccine Mandate Package in Brandon, Fla.Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will take a “jab” (see what I did there?) at President
No smoking, Carl.
This Makes Me Happy
Music for the Day
And pour contempt on all my pride.
A Christmas Ago
So I've had an article published this month by a magazine I've long subscribed to and love.  It's called Touchstone.  Along with a handful of friends, I went to the Touchstone conference last
Coding, Coding, Coding...
I've been on a coding binge.
Walking Back the Lies
They damaged the world. There needs to be an accounting.
Pride of Place
Perhaps it is a bad idea for Christians to make their temptations their identity.

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